Not the day we expected.

Some days just have stories with them, and today was one of them.  Today I was up really early for a 5am webconference (my current work has me on a team with a few folks from Cape Town) and it was particularly frustrating because my internet connection was spotty, with audio dropping in and out and generally making an operational mess of “my” meeting.

What I didn’t know is that I should have been thankful that I was able to connect to the meeting at all, in the first place.

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Inaugural clamming trip.

First clamming trip today. Went with Cathy and Sabre to Ninilchik beach access, and in just over an hour of actual clamming time, including nearly getting ourselves stuck in the muck a couple of times (a little spooky!), managed to catch 35 razors. I was not expecting nearly that much success, and we’re pretty tickled about it.

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Reflections on 2008.

Looking back on it now, it seems almost ridiculous what we managed to do in 2008, and mostly in the latter half of 2008 at that. Move, job, baby—blam, blam, blam. Factor in all the other things that happened, and the absurdity stands out that much more. Even in the process of writing it up, I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop and say, “holy cow, I completely forgot about this part, which happened right alongside x, y, and z…”

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We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Keith and Meaghan’s in Eagle River, with much of Meaghan’s family in attendance, plus Darrell and Julie from the magnificent New Year’s 4WD trip up the Knik valley. Some really marvelous people, from the sound of it. I even overheard some polite declines to talk politics because of how strongly most people in the house felt about government interference. (Ha! These folks ain’t seen nothing yet, have they?)

A two-Jeep family.

We had been talking about getting a primary vehicle to supplement Cathy’s Jeep TJ, of course, but it took an incident to really kick it into high gear. Cathy had been doing so well with her Jeep, even late in the pregnancy, that it just hadn’t been a critical thing for us. One snowy day, we were headed to the midwifery for a class of some sort, and the Jeep (in 2WD) started to slide on Cathy just past (not on) a bridge. I have to say, she did everything correctly by the book far as I could tell, steering correctly into the skid, and then correcting as gently as you could ask, but still it slid, first one way and then the other, and we went into one of those inexorable 180s in which you can see exactly what’s going to happen, in super slow-mo, and simply can’t do anything to change it. We tagged the front passenger corner into the guardrail, pretty hard, and she was ticked. Now, she’s also 8 months pregnant, and we have just found out that it is not just slick outside but stupid slick, so I insisted that she stay inside and let me look at it.

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