Holy cow, Clan Wilmeth is a family of five!  How did that happen?

(Yes, smartypants, of course that’s how it happened;  we understand that just as well as you understood what I meant in the first place.  Pthflthlbbb!)

The story begins

You can get a lot of the story from the Family menu above.   The Wilmachek Bride is the beginning of the story, roughly covering the years 2001-2007, summarizing how Cathy and I came together.  It is the result of a request that Cathy’s maid of honor made of me right before the wedding, to put together a “little blurb about how Cathy and I met”, that we could distribute to all the guests.  I sat down to begin…and this is what came out.  (For those who may not realize it, the whole piece is written as an homage in the style of William Goldman’s The Princess Bride.)

The August 2007 wedding was awesome, but apparently we haven’t written a great deal about that.  The “real” honeymoon follows the wedding itself, and then there is a collection of posts (go to the bottom and read upwards to get the story in the right order) called The Alaska move, which gives some of the details of our frenetic 2008, in which we got pregnant, moved to Alaska, and switched my job, all in time for the arrival of our first kiddo Sabre Ruth.

We decided to write up the birth stories of each of our kids, for a variety of reasons, and you’ll find them, rather logically, under Birth stories.

The story continues

We are now the family we originally planned, and at least sporadically, we do put things out here on the site.  Under that same Family menu, All family posts is a listing of all the posts that get filed into the Family category, with the newest stuff on top, going all the way back to the beginning.

We’re like anyone else;  there are periods of high activity and periods of complete and inexplicable blackout, and sometimes you can pretty easily triangulate the acquisition of a new camera or other recording tool, by what makes it out here into cyberspace.  In general, if it relates to the family it will get filed into that category, although we may intentionally separate some specific topics like homeschooling, musicking, outrage fatigue, etc., into other categories as necessary.  Hopefully the menu will always make things reasonably clear, and you can always use the Search feature on the home page if you really need help finding something.  🙂

Happy browsing.