Craftygrass, LLC

I am now doing all self-employment work through Craftygrass, LLC.

What’s “Craftygrass”?

Originally, that was the name I came up with for my first musicking blog (which I am reinvigorating and moving to a new home).  The idea was that if I ever really developed an identifiable musical style of my own, it would probably be equal parts Guitar Craft and newgrass.  That’s probably still true as far as it goes, but at some point it occurred to me that there is a lot more in that name than the literal mashup of two specific musical influences.  For starters, each half of the portmanteau is a multi-entendre term unto itself.

Me in a nutshell

The word “Crafty” in Guitar Craft refers both to the playful, creative aspect of being inventive and available, and also to the intentional, disciplined excellence aspect of deliberate design, execution, and analysis.  It simultaneously suggests both the artist and the craftsman;  the designer and the engineer;  the pure and the applied scientist.  And as any Crafty Guitarist can tell you, it’s only by extension about the guitar–or even about music.  The concept of craft, and then of being “crafty”, applies to life.

As well, the notion of “-grass” conjures up multiple meanings as well.  Newgrass, after all, is but one branch of a larger musical family, which itself grew out of even broader traditions that are transcontinental in scope.  As a colloquial suffix, “-grass” implies that there is something essential and identifiable across all its permutations, even as the number and diversity of those permutations demonstrate just how adaptable that essential je ne sais quoi truly is.  One might well observe that “-grass”, as a style or impulse, is conceptually at home being a mutt, as it always seems to imply a blend or integration of other forms.

And my goodness, but this is all me in a nutshell.  My love of the art of craft, of design, of collaboration, of excellence…love of the adaptable mutt…love of the beauty of both the ordinary and the extraordinary…my essential need for continuing education and learning, for expression and communication, for bringing together…improvising…somehow, it’s all in there.

It’s not so much that I realized that “Craftygrass” would be the best choice, as it was that I realized that it couldn’t reasonably be any other choice.