Reflections on 2008.

Looking back on it now, it seems almost ridiculous what we managed to do in 2008, and mostly in the latter half of 2008 at that. Move, job, baby—blam, blam, blam. Factor in all the other things that happened, and the absurdity stands out that much more. Even in the process of writing it up, I can’t tell you how many times I had to stop and say, “holy cow, I completely forgot about this part, which happened right alongside x, y, and z…”

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We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Keith and Meaghan’s in Eagle River, with much of Meaghan’s family in attendance, plus Darrell and Julie from the magnificent New Year’s 4WD trip up the Knik valley. Some really marvelous people, from the sound of it. I even overheard some polite declines to talk politics because of how strongly most people in the house felt about government interference. (Ha! These folks ain’t seen nothing yet, have they?)

Cathy on point, Kevin bats cleanup.

By the time Cathy left, an amazing amount had been accomplished, but there was still plenty more left to do. Comically, she felt awful about having to leave with so much left unfinished; she saw herself as saddling me with a huge burden. I didn’t see it that way, of course; she had a full task list of pretty important things herself, including the most impressive sounding task, Find Us A Front Door. (We had no plan for this, at all, when she left.) I made light of it and got her on her way, with her huge suitcase carrying her desktop computer and a few plant cuttings (in case I couldn’t manage to get the few critical house plants up there alive, after she’d arrived) in addition to the few belongings she’d have access to for the next few weeks. (And remember, she’s seven months pregnant at this point…)

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Weddings and reunions and moving, oh my.

As if we didn’t have things booked out well enough, my 20-year high school reunion came up this year. (Whoever decided that August in Houston was a bonny time for a social event, should be strung up.) We decided to make a trip of it, so that Cathy could see the place I grew up in, and I myself hadn’t been back in some 15 years.

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