A few minutes of unexpected Dadly duty.

“Dad, would you make a stormtrooper outfit for Luke?”


“Here, lemme show you.”

Thus was I introduced to the girls’ world of entirely homemade Star Wars paper dolls.  And my first effort wasn’t too terrible, either, for a few minutes’ work.  Suitably iconic, you see:

star wars paper doll
“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

The Star Wars characters were an outgrowth of their previous efforts at homemade action figures from the brand new Captain Underpants film, which sounds like it was at least as amusing as the books.  (Which is to say, surprisingly amusing.)

They’ve got this paper doll concept down pretty well, and actually applied it, in the form of paper clothes, for their pipe-cleaner and felt Captain Underpants figure–it added a lot of life to what is otherwise a 3-D stick figure.  And the enthusiasm the film generated has each girl working on her own comic now, as well.

Who knows where this may go?  Inspiration truly takes many forms.


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