The early packing.

Knowing that we were going to be moving at the end of the summer, we decided to get a “head-start” on things (boy, does that seem like a quaint notion now!), and that took the form of paring down our worldly belongings in various creative ways. The big stroke of genius there was Cathy’s use of the PaperBack Swap trading site. Basically, we culled out only the books that were one of a kind or that we couldn’t live without, and Cathy posted just about everything else on PBS. One by one, our books went out into the virtual ether, and we piled up credits to be redeemed once we made the move. Less weight, less bulk, less hassle! We had an initial garage sale, and tried to pack things up that we wouldn’t need to get to until after the move. It was a good lot of work that we managed to accomplish, and we certainly learned a great deal about the process of evaluating one’s own possessions. It’s one thing to pile all your books into boxes and toss them into a U-Haul, but it’s another thing entirely to consider the cost of moving them to Alaska. There is no such thing as the “we’ll just make one more trip with the truck to get the last of it”. We thought we were well ahead of the game, and maybe we were, for a ten-minute period or so…

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