Decision point and planning.

I have to admit that I had not expected that our relocation would be to Alaska (even after the honeymoon), nor so soon. I had figured that we would spend a year or two evaluating places and then pick one in the lower 48 as the best practical compromise. We had lots of criteria we were trying to work with, but one of the killers was getting away from the heat–we both just get absolutely wilty when the mercury nears 80, and by the time it hits 100, we’re lucky to even be conscious. (Yes, it can get “too cold” even for us, but you really have to work at it.) In doing our research, only a couple of places even came close to our goal; most of them were really little different than Lakewood–”average” summer temps in the 80s, with altogether too many days in the 90s, and even a few 100s to add insult to injury. In order to get substantially better than that, you had to get really high (Crested Butte, CO, at 8900′ elevation, was a possible)–or, you could go to Alaska, which from a numbers standpoint, was simply perfect–but again, through even March and April, I did not even count it as a possible.

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